Fallen Man Honored in Annual Ride of Silence

Despite her heartache, Channabel Latham-Morris decided she needed to return to the place where her son, Jamal Morris, perished. Morris was just 27 years old when he was involved in a hit and run accident that robbed the bright, 27-year-old mechanical engineer of his life. The late night accident took place near 45th and Market Streets in California.

The reason his mother has decided to make the trip from Warwick, New York to California is to light a memorial candle during the Bicycle Coalition of Greater California’s annual Ride of Silence. This yearly event takes place to honor people like Jamal Morris who were killed while cycling through the city. Participants also hope that the annual ride reminds local motorist that they share the road with cyclist and need to be aware of them when navigating California’s road system. Since last year’s ride, 10 cyclists, including Jamal Morris, have been killed in car vs bike accidents throughout the city.

The ride begins at 6:45 I the morning. During the event, participants will have a demonstration where they use white, “ghost bicycles” designed to honor their fallen cyclists. Ghost bikes will also be left at the scene of each of the ten car vs. bike accidents.

“At 27 years old, you look forward to weddings and grandchildren and all that, and some senseless person knocked him off his bike or hit him, however this accident happened … By the time he got to the hospital, it was too late for any survival. So my goal right now is to fight for my son, and to fight so that what happened to him doesn’t happen to anyone else,” Channabel Latham-Morris explained when asked why she’s attending the event. “And if there are measures that can be taken to prevent it, then we are going all in to make it happen.”

Attending the commemorative event is just one of the things Latham-Morris plans to do while she’s in California. She will also go with the Bicycle Coalition when they travel to Harrisburg in order to lobby some bills they feel would make life safer for California cyclists, including House Bill 950, which proposes increasing the amount of funds available to finance red light cameras. While it’s unknown if a red light camera would have saved Jamal Morris’s life, it’s likely that the presence of a camera would have increased the odds of identifying the driver who struck him that night.

It will be some time before anyone will know if the bills the Bicycle Coalition supports will pass and than actually make the streets safer, meanwhile they won’t bring Jamal Morris back to life.

“The type of accident that robbed Jamal Morris of his life is tragic, especially since the details of what happened that night will never be known. I hope the efforts of the Bicycle Coalition prevent other parents from going through a similar loss,” leading attorney, Killino Firm California,  Drew Warren said when asked about Jamal Morris and the efforts of the Bicycle Coalition.


Don’t Be A Victim Twice…Hire An Expert Dental Malpractice Lawyer


a7An individual’s teeth is extremely important to their overall well-being. Though a person can essentially live without teeth, losing the ability to chew eliminates the choice of foods that are available. Furthermore, dealing with mouth pain because of the incompetence of a dentist, greatly reduces a person’s quality of life. An expert dental malpractice lawyer will gladly defend you against any misconduct that has caused injury or death.

Recently in Waterville, Washington, there was a dental malpractice case involving seventeen-year-old Lauren Ludeman. This young woman’s father, Joseph Ludeman, claims that the dentist and the dental assistant, neglectfully failed to diagnose cancerous lesions in her mouth.

Mr. Ludeman filed this wrongful death suit accusing the dental practitioners involved of negligence. Among the accused were Dr. Debra Lapo, Dr. Peter Rutherford and Eldon Leinweber, which was the certified physician’s assistant treating Lauren at the time.

By February 2010, the cancer had already spread to the lymph nodes. This form of cancer was rare in people under forty, according to the doctors that discovered the tumor. Moreover, the surgeon that biopsied the tumor stated that this growth had likely been there for at least six months. Lauren tragically died in December of 2010, due to health complications associated with this cancer.

In the time leading up to Laurens death, she received eight oral examinations form Leinweber, the physician’s assistant. During all of those checkups, this tumorous mass went unnoticed. As a result, Laurens condition went from treatable to lethal. For this reason, Mr. Ludeman is suing claiming that her daughter received substandard care that lead to her death. However, prior to the cancer diagnoses, Lauren was treated for various illnesses, among which were ulcerative sores and tonsillitis.

The two physicians in this case were released by the court of any liability. Sole responsibility rests on the dental assistant and he will bear the financial burden of any money that is awarded to the family. The negligible care that Lauren received resulted in her passing and Mr. Ludeman is seeking a modest 1.26 million dollars in financial restitution. For more details about this event, click on the link http://www.johnbales.com.

If you or a loved one has recently experienced any form of negligent dental care, hiring a qualified dental malpractice lawyer strongly recommended. When doing so, you need to feel confident that your legal matters will be handled with the utmost care. You should seek out an attorney that is compassionate, skilled, and committed to defending your rights.

The dental malpractice lawyer you employ should know how to take on the big insurance companies and the interests of incompetent doctors. Furthermore, choose an advocate that has a proven record of accomplishment. Remember, there are lawyers that serve their own interests and not that of the clients.

It is wise to hire an attorney is practices law in your area. This is beneficial to you, because he or she will understand the nature of the local laws, and is likely to the prosecutors and judges. However, the most important quality when searching for a good defender is, they should certainly be an expert in the field of dental malpractice. This will ensure you receive the best quality defense possible. Do not be the victim twice.





Intersection Dangers

dangerousIntersections can be the most dangerous part of anyone’s daily commute. These planned points of conflict occur on Local streets, state and U.S. highways, or county roads. Cars, pedestrians, and cyclists all converge in one spot and are forced to negotiate safe passage.  Successfully addressing intersections is a major factor in road safety challenges we all face. According to an article written for U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration, “Red-light running is a serious intersection safety issue across the nation. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) Traffic Safety Facts 2008 Report, there were more than 2.3 million reported intersection-related crashes, resulting in more than 7,770 fatalities and approximately 733,000 injury crashes in 2008.”

Intersections can become congested when traffic volumes are high. This causes inefficiencies and user delays that result in increasing frustrations and poor judgment. Personal injuries in Ocala Florida were numerous. In 2013 the Florida Highway Patrol issued 122 citations, city police agencies issued 259 citations, and the Marion County Sheriff’s Office issued 36 citations, all for red light running. An estimated 165,000 people are injured by red-light runners annually.   

To help mitigate the risks intersections pose and reduce the amount of personal injuries, Ocala must come up with diverse strategies to address intersection safety.  Engineering based strategies, which includes geometric design and the application of traffic control devices (such as signs, markings and signals) need to be utilized to successfully design a safe system for our intersections.  Those strategies alone will not solve the problem. It is equally important to involve education and enforcement measures.

In an effort to educate and further reduce the amount of personal injuries, Ocala residents are encouraged to read the following excerpt from a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website. An article entitled “10 things we bet you didn’t know about red light running” sheds further light on the subject.

“Ten Things We Bet You Didn’t Know About Red-Light Running”

  1. You or your loved ones are more likely to be injured due to a red-light running related crash than any other type of crash.
  2. Running red lights or other traffic controls is the most common cause of all urban crashes.
  3. Someone runs a red light an average of every 20 minutes at urban intersections
  4. In the last decade, red-light running crashes killed nearly 9,000 people
  5. An estimated 165,000 motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians are injured annually by red-light runners.
  6. Half of the people killed by red-light runners are not the signal violators, they are passengers, other motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists.
  7. Nearly 93% of drivers believe running a red light is unacceptable, yet 1 in 3 drivers reported doing so in the past 30 days.
  8. There are an average of 7 fatal crashes and over 1,000 injury crashes EVERY DAY at signalized intersections across the United States.
  9. The cost to society of all crashes exceeds $230 billion annually.
  10. The tragedies and costs resulting from red-light running are preventable!”

(For the full article go here http://safety.fhwa.dot.gov/intersection/redlight/brochure.cfm).

Intersection safety is not only a national or state priority, it is also local priority. If you are the victim of a signal violator and have suffered a personal injury in Ocala or Marion County, seek legal advice immediately. Olsen Law Firm, PA has an established reputation in the community for their devotion to helping victims of negligence.  Contact them today for a free conciliation.

The Umbrella of Professional Malpractice



You may have heard the term “Medical Malpractice” in the news or on a television medical drama, but did you know that medical malpractice is actually a type of professional malpractice that falls under personal injury law? Though medical malpractice is the most commonly known of the types of professional malpractices, there are other fields where malpractice occurs. Basically, if you have someone who claims to be an expert or a professional in their field, whether it be accounting, architecture, or law, you have the potential for malpractice.


As with medical malpractice, professional malpractice rests on the notion of negligence. A New York personal injury lawyer will help you prove personal injury through the negligence of anyone claiming to be an expert in a field. Here’s what negligence might look like in different fields.


Accounting Malpractice

Did your accountant screw up your tax forms? Perhaps he or she fudged your numbers or took a little off the top, or just really didn’t know what they were doing. While there can be criminal repercussions for these actions, there is also the possibility of civil action with a personal injury lawsuit to help recover some of the losses caused by the negligence of an accountant.


Architectural or Engineering Malpractice

Whether the blueprints were faulty and resulted in a building collapse or the math was wrong, resulting in loss time and money, Architectural and Engineering malpractice can not only lead to the damage of property, but to the loss of life or limb, depending on the situation. The repercussions of this type of malpractice can be monumental.


Therapist Malpractice

We trust therapists with our secrets, from our darkest thoughts to our fears. What if they chose to use this information against use or abused their professional power to harm a patient? Plenty of movies have explored the intimate relationship between a therapist and his or her patient, though generally they don’t drop the phrase “professional malpractice,” though the aforementioned abuses of power certainly fall under that category.


Legal Malpractice

Legal malpractice has also made the big screen, as well as the news. Whether it’s a public defender that fails to adequately represent their client or a big shot attorney who acts in his own interests instead of the client he is supposed to be helping. Legal malpractice can have big repercussions, and while the last thing a victim may want to do is engage another lawyer, it is necessary in order to receive the compensation due.


A personal injury lawyer can help you determine whether you’ve been the victim of professional malpractice and whether you have enough evidence to prove negligence in a court of law. A trustworthy New York personal injury law firm will offer a free consultation to help you learn more about the process and whether you should proceed with your case. Because of the statute of limitations in New York, it is important to see a New York personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.