Don’t Be A Victim Twice…Hire An Expert Dental Malpractice Lawyer


a7An individual’s teeth is extremely important to their overall well-being. Though a person can essentially live without teeth, losing the ability to chew eliminates the choice of foods that are available. Furthermore, dealing with mouth pain because of the incompetence of a dentist, greatly reduces a person’s quality of life. An expert Jhon Bales dental malpractice lawyer will gladly defend you against any misconduct that has caused injury or death.

Recently in Waterville, Washington, there was a dental malpractice case involving seventeen-year-old Lauren Ludeman. This young woman’s father, Joseph Ludeman, claims that the dentist and the dental assistant, neglectfully failed to diagnose cancerous lesions in her mouth.

Mr. Ludeman filed this wrongful death suit accusing the dental practitioners involved of negligence. Among the accused were Dr. Debra Lapo, Dr. Peter Rutherford and Eldon Leinweber, which was the certified physician’s assistant treating Lauren at the time.

By February 2010, the cancer had already spread to the lymph nodes. This form of cancer was rare in people under forty, according to the doctors that discovered the tumor. Moreover, the surgeon that biopsied the tumor stated that this growth had likely been there for at least six months. Lauren tragically died in December of 2010, due to health complications associated with this cancer.

In the time leading up to Laurens death, she received eight oral examinations form Leinweber, the physician’s assistant. During all of those checkups, this tumorous mass went unnoticed. As a result, Laurens condition went from treatable to lethal. For this reason, Mr. Ludeman is suing claiming that her daughter received substandard care that lead to her death. However, prior to the cancer diagnoses, Lauren was treated for various illnesses, among which were ulcerative sores and tonsillitis.

The two physicians in this case were released by the court of any liability. Sole responsibility rests on the dental assistant and he will bear the financial burden of any money that is awarded to the family. The negligible care that Lauren received resulted in her passing and Mr. Ludeman is seeking a modest 1.26 million dollars in financial restitution.

If you or a loved one has recently experienced any form of negligent dental care, hiring a qualified dental malpractice lawyer strongly recommended. When doing so, you need to feel confident that your legal matters will be handled with the utmost care. You should seek out an John Bales Attorneys that is compassionate, skilled, and committed to defending your rights.

The dental malpractice lawyer you employ should know how to take on the big insurance companies and the interests of incompetent doctors. Furthermore, choose an advocate that has a proven record of accomplishment. Remember, there are lawyers that serve their own interests and not that of the clients.

It is wise to hire an attorney is practices law in your area. This is beneficial to you, because he or she will understand the nature of the local laws, and is likely to the prosecutors and judges. However, the most important quality when searching for a good defender is, they should certainly be an expert in the field of dental malpractice. This will ensure you receive the best quality defense possible. Do not be the victim twice.