Family Patriarch Dies as Result of a Simple Carbon Monoxide Mistake

Detectives have reached the conclusion that the reason a local father, Louis Argo, died and five more people were hospitalized was the result of a carbon monoxide accident.

Things went horribly awry for the family when they left their car, a Ford Escape, turned on while it was parked in the garage. Police were summoned to the Argos by the family’s neighbors.


“The neighbors were heading out to go exercise at approximately 5:30 in the morning when they first initially noticed that the garage door was left open. They thought it was odd, but went about their business. When they came back from working out, they realized that the garage door was still open. They thought that was very suspicious and that’s when they went in and attempted to make contact with their neighbors and then they found the body,” said BSO’s Carter. No one believes the car was left on intentionally. Detectives feel it was simply forgotten about

“This family had just come back from a trip. They were unloading their vehicle from the trip, then just accidentally left their vehicle on. It was on for several hours,” said Broward Sheriff Office spokeswoman, Gina Carter, “This was a tragic, accidental carbon monoxide poisoning

ICarbonMonoxideblogt’s also believe that rather than trying to harm his family, Argo was trying to save them, an effort that cost him his life but most likely saved the lives of his children. When the rescue crew arrived at the scene, both Argo’s wife and 11-year-old daughter didn’t respond to the EMT’s though both were still alive. They were instantly transported to Broward Health Medical Center. It was later discovered that Regina Argo required additional treatment which require that she be transferred to Mercy Hospital.

The idea that Argo was struggling to save his family when he succumbed to the effects of the carbon monoxide was inspired by the location and placement of his body when first responders found him.  “The father realized that something was wrong – maybe realizing that he had left the vehicle on – went downstairs, opened the garage door, and unfortunately he collapsed there near the garage door,” Carter explained.

The Argo family weren’t the only ones impacted by the mistake. Their neighbors were also affected by the carbon monoxide, though they didn’t inhale the same dangerous amounts as the Argo family. Both were treated for carbon monoxide poisoning and then released.

One Fort Lauderdale Firefighter-Paramedic also required some carbon monoxide treatment. In addition to Argo passing away, the family also lost two of their dogs and one cat. One cat did manage to survive the ordeal.

“This is a heartbreaking tragedy that should have been avoided, Joe and Martin, a prominent attorneys from South Carolina , said’ “If the family had installed a carbon monoxide dector in their home, it’s likely they would have been able to get out before the carbon monoxide had an opportunity to harm them.”


If someone you loved died of carbon monoxide poisoning and it’s revealed that they had a detector that failed to work, consult with a personal injury lawyer and discuss the possibility of filing a wrongful death lawsuit against the manufacture.